The reason for this blog is not to cause you to fear, but for you to be prepared in your heart, so that the things which are coming on this world will not come to you by surprise. My deepest prayer for you is that you will be AWARE, INFORMED, AWAKE and PREPARED to stand in times of trouble, having put on the whole armour of God (Ephesians 6) and then standing and resting on His promises.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dreams and visions of coming JUDGMENT on America

A few weeks ago, I posted dream a pastor from Ohio received three months ago. Now you can hear Pastor T.D. Hale's of Calvary Christian Centre  being interviewed by Rick Wiles of Trunews regarding this dream.

Click on T.D. Hale, March 27, 2012 to listen

I believe this man has truly heard from God. America will soon found itself under severe judgment. God never sends judgment before warning His people first.

Many believers have received similar warning dreams and visions over the years. You can read or hear some of them below.

Dimitru Duduman
                                                         Message for America (1984)  (written)

David Wilkerson
(The vision - 1973 - Audio)
                                                     The Vision Part 1
                                                     The Vision Part 2

Believers in Christ,
Let's prepare our heart to face what is coming...
Let's prepare our heart to stand with Jesus when everything around us is being destroyed...
Let's make the Psalm 91 promises ours...
We can be safe under the shadow of His wings...
Let's us stay close to Jesus, He alone is our refuge.

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